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5 Best Hydration Belt For Runners

If you are a runner, you would be completely aware of the importance of remaining hydrated during training sessions and competitions. If you are new to running, here is some information you should know. It is important to keep yourself hydrated during running because it is the water that carries oxygen to your muscles, which in turn gives you enough energy to carry on with your activity. Intake of less fluid when engaging in exhaustive activities, especially when the climate is hot, can negatively affect your cardiovascular system. This is known to augment your chances of experiencing heart impairment. If not such a huge issue, mild to moderate dehydration will have a negative influence on your performance at the minimum. So to improve your performance and stay healthy, it is vital that you drink enough fluids and stay hydrated.

This is why many runners prefer using a hydration belt. As its name suggests, a hydration belt can be worn around your waist, and are available in different shapes and sizes. Some designs can be expanded and adjusted, and some serve multiple purposes. Some belts have room to help carry anywhere between 1 and 6 bottles of fluids. Many runners also carry food packs to keep them energized during practice.

If you are looking for an effective hydration belt that can last long, here are a few of our suggestions.

Outdoorsman Lab Hydration Belt

Outdoorsman lab1

In addition to being suitable for runners, this hydration belt is also a great option for cyclers, trekkers, and climbers. It is capable of holding two 10oz bottles for fluid that come with the belt. The main pocket of this belt is designed to be big enough to hold mobiles phones of all sizes. There is also a smaller inner pocket to hold cash or cards separately, and a carabiner is made available to hang your house keys, gel packs, etc.

The materials used to make this belt happen to prevent slips, chafing, and bouncing when you run. There is also a separate port dedicated to make your headphones easily accessible, which is one of the most useful features you would rarely find in other hydration belt models.

Outdoorsman Lab Hydration Belt Plus Armband

Outdoorsman lab2

Unlike the previous hydration belt model from the same brand, Outdoorsman Lab, this belt comes with two relatively smaller water bottles (6oz each). However, this model is in no way inferior to the previous one. The two most exciting and useful features available in this hydration belt model are the additional armband and LED armband you get along with the belt.

The armband is exclusively designed to accommodate most smartphone models and comes with a side pocket where you can store your keys securely. The armband is water resistant, can be easily adjusted, and also carries a few openings to provide easy access to your headphones. The LED armband is also water resistant and is a great addition to ensure your safety during long running expeditions. The product also comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, therefore even if you are not satisfied with its features or quality, you can easily get your money back, no questions asked.

Fitletic Ultimate Race Belt II

Fitletic race belt

Priced just under thirty bucks, this hydration belt model from Fitletic has some unique features that would please any runner. The wide neoprene design makes it extremely comfortable to wear, and the belt can be adjusted from 24 to 42 inches easily. Therefore, regardless of your size, this belt is something you can choose to buy without being concerned about its fit. Also, the belt doesn’t bounce.

The main pocket of the belt is designed to be large enough to accommodate any medium sized mobile phone. There is smaller pocket in the interior, which you can use to store some cash or your ID, just in case. The belt is equipped with five elastic gel loops and a mini velcro pouch to store anything else you need. If you are looking to buy a new hydration belt or replace your existing one, the Fitletic Ultimate Race Belt II is definitely worth a try.

Nathan Speed 4R Belt

Nathan speed

The Nathan Speed Belt is an elastic belt that is capable of holding four water bottles of 235 ml each. Because the four bottle pockets are spread around the belt, the well will be distributed around your waist perfectly which reduces bouncing. When it comes to comfort, you don’t really have to worry about the tightness, chafing, or other annoying factors you would usually experience with other hydration belts, because this model is designed to provide utmost comfort, and the even distribution of weight makes it feel extremely light.

Also, as it is an elastic belt, you can easily adjust it according to the shape of your waist and place it wherever you feel is comfortable. This hydration belt is also extremely reliable and available in four different colors: Nathan Grey, Cabaret, Nathan Blue, and Estate Blue.

FuelBelt R30 Revenge


This is the latest model from FuelBelt’s range of hydration belts. The R30 Revenge belt features three 7oz water bottles that are lined up evenly along your lower back. The bottles are designed to stay in place without bouncing but can still be removed easily and put back in place even when you are running. The belt is extremely light in weight and is extremely comfortable for wearing. With bottles of the given capacity, you will have sufficient water to remain hydrated even during longer runs. The adjustable zipper pouch gives you enough space to carry your phone and gels. This model is available in four different colors: black, white, Brazilian, and pink/yellow.

Staying hydrated is extremely essential for runners. Hydration belts are the most comfortable solution to your hydration needs. Choose a model from one of the above belts and stay hydrated throughout your running expeditions.


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