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How to get rid of scabs on face

When acne breaks out, many have the habit of picking at their skin, which ends up developing scabs on their face. It doesn’t necessarily have to be acne breakouts; even a scratch, hickey, or a rash can lead to the formation of scabs on face. A scab is basically a hard protective layer that is […]

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How To Get Rid Of Moles On Skin

Moles, also known as melanocytic nevi appear in black, brown or flesh colored patches on the skin. Most of them are often non-cancerous and will occur anywhere in the human body. They may appear in clusters or alone. Melanocytes are the cells that are responsible for producing pigment in human bodies and thus over active […]

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How to Stop Razor Burn

Shaving is a quick and affordable way to have all your unwanted hair removed. On those days you actually remember to shave, you would probably start to regret it after a couple of hours when your face or armpit starts to burn, itch, and forms a red rash. That is what we call razor burn, […]

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How to Remove Dead Skin from Face

Having a gleaming and vibrant skin is every individual’s dream; but it cannot be achieved with proper nurturing. In addition to following a healthy and balanced diet plan and cleansing your skin regularly, periodic removal of dead skin cells that accumulate on your face is equally important as well. Every few days, as your skin […]

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Top 5 Best Facial Cleansing Brush Reviews

Your face is the first thing you see on the mirror; you can see the fine lines and wrinkles clearly on your face. Cleaning your skin with a cloth will only make your skin look clean, but with facial cleansing brushes they exfoliate the skin, unclogging your pores to give your skin a fresh look. […]

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