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Flash and go reviews

Excess hair is something no woman loves. Therefore, they tend to practice different techniques to get rid of excess hair. Some of the most commonly used methods include waxing, shaving, depilatory creams, laser, and electrolysis. Each of these methods has disadvantages of their own. Shaving usually causes itchiness in the area and hair grows back within a few days. When it comes to depilatory creams, though the method is painless, these products usually contain chemicals and not all are safe to be used in particular body parts. Waxing, as you must be aware, is a painful hair removal technique. Though hair growth happens slowly after waxing, it involves the risk of burning your skin and the inconvenience of having to visit the parlor often.

To make hair removal easily accessible and simple, many brands have started to introduce personal handheld devices to serve the purpose. The Silk’n Flash & Go is one such hair removal system that promises to deliver permanent results. This is going to be an in depth Flash and go reviews of the product, explaining about how it actually works, and what kind of results you can expect from it.

What is Flash & Go?

flash & goKnown to be recommended by dermatologists and approved by FDA, Silk’n Flash & Go is a modern, pain-free hair removal technology that assures to offer permanent hair reduction. The device makes use of award winning Home Pulsed Light (HPL) technology, which is basically a light and laser based hair removal technology that is popular across different parts of the world. Its compact design makes it convenient to carry it around wherever you go and is seemingly easy to use as well.

How does it work?

This simple device makes use of pulsating light known as HPL to remove the existing excess hair on your body parts as well as to prevent the growth of hair follicles eventually. Though this particular technology dates back to several years, Flash & Go is one of the very few handheld home products to have employed it.

When you glide the device over your skin, a flash of light will be directed towards each and every hair follicle and gets absorbed in the form of heat, which works to impede hair growth. The process is a lot similar to laser hair removal but with the use of lesser energy, and hence is less severe. This definitely means one thing: though you can expect good results, it is going to take time for complete hair removal.flash and go

The product is offered in two different packages, in which one package comprises of a cartridge with 120,000 pulses and the other package contains a cartridge with 5000 pulses. To help you understand about the use and requirement of pulses, here is an example, to remove all hair follicles under one armpit requires around 50 to 75 pulses. So, the cartridges included in both the packages offer enough pulses for using the device several times. Also, the product manual in itself contains information that permanent hair removal can take up to two years; therefore, consistency and patience are two important attributes you require when using the product.

When using this product for hair removal, it is also recommended that you don’t expose your skin to the sun, the same way you will be advised when you undergo laser treatments for hair removal. This is mainly because, when the flash of light from the device contacts your skin, the level of melanin in your skin will increase, which when gets in contact with the UV rays of the sun, leads to hyperpigmentation or other sun-related skin issues.


  • Fast and easy to use: The unique technology employed in this device increases efficiency and also enables you to attain desired results quicker than many other hair removal techniques.
  • Smoother skin: There won’t be razor burns or ingrown hair, and your skin will feel smooth and glossy.
  • Suitable for use in sensitive places: Unlike many other personal hair removal devices that are not designed for usage in sensitive areas, Flash & Go can be used even in bikini areas.
  • Compact: The device is designed to be compact, making it extremely convenient for you to carry it in your backpack or hand bag wherever you go.


  • Should be used continuously: You cannot expect immediate results. The hair growth cycle of individuals differs from one another, and therefore the time frame required by each of you to see permanent or long lasting results will greatly differ. Also, it is necessary that you keep using the device on a regular basis.
  • Not recommended for all skin types and colors: The product is declared to be not suitable for those with dark skin tones or for those with dark hair.

With mixed reviews from customers, the Silk’n Flash & Go hair removal system is a good system that works well on those with lighter complexions, as long as you are ready to ignore the few disadvantages.

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