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How To Choose The Best Hydration Belt For Running And Why You Need It

Enough hydration is vital to your health each day, no matter the kind of activities you engage in. However, if you are runner, drinking the required amount of water is not simply important but it’s critical. When running especially during the summer, you will need to figure out a comfortable way of carrying your fluids.

Why should you use a hydration belt?

outdoormanslab running beltIt’s a simple method of staying hydrated
A hydration belt will encourage you to drink more and be consistent. The fact that hydration belts come with some space for holding your water bottle will encourage you to drink more water.

Easy to drink when one is moving
Hydration belts allow one to drink water easily while engaging in their activity without slowing them down.

Help you maintain a good posture when running
Hydration belts are designed in such a way that they will let you run hands free with no distraction. It’s not a great idea to carry water bottles with your hand as this affects your posture resulting to shoulder pain.

How to choose the best hydration belt

There are three different types of running belts:
• Multi-bottle(holds 3 or 4 bottles)
• Double bottle
• Single bottle
These factors will help you determine which belt is ideal for your hydration needs.


There are two factors that will determine what type of hydration belt to settle for:
• Are you the type of person that typically drinks a lot of water even when they are not running?
• How long do you intend to run? Professionals recommend that one takes 1 liter of water for each hour you spend running.
After answering the above questions, then you will have a clear picture of where to begin your search for a good hydration belt.

outdoorsmanlab hydrtion belt

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How it Fits and Comfort

You want to have the most comfortable run so choosing a hydration pack that doesn’t bounce up and down on your waist is important. You also want a belt that will not rub you raw and leave you regretting why you went for the run in the first place. Here are some considerations to take before you purchase your hydration belt:
Mesh fabric that’s breathable: most running occurs in the summer heat. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that the underside straps of your belt absorb sweat and have the ability to breathe. This is achieved by infusing some strips of mesh in specific places.
Lightweight: a lot of the top brands have belts that are similar in weight. The biggest determinant of the weight of a Hydration belt is the number and size of the water bottles.
Easily adjustable: you want to try different fits around your waist thus a one size fits all type of hydration belt doesn’t come highly recommended. Often, these belts come in different sizes. Each size usually corresponds to a certain range in waist size.


Always pay a keen attention on the following storage features in a hydration belt:
Gear pockets: make sure you write down a list of the things you always need to carry when running. This will help you choose a belt that has enough space to carry the items.
Bottle security: how strong are the bottle holders? Do they seem sturdy enough to hold the bottles firmly in place?

Hydration Belt Features

The main purpose of hydration belt is to provide easy access to liquids when training or during competitions. Thus, the ability to access it with just one hand is important. There are those belts that come with brackets to firmly hold the bottle in place while there are others that clip the bottles. Others have holster like pockets to store the bottles. These holsters let the athlete easily take out the bottle and put it back without slowing down your activities. Hydration belts can easily hold bottles at the sides, at the front and at the back.

Editor’s Pick:

OutdoorsmanLab Hydration Belt for Running with 2 BPA-Free Water Bottles

14This hydration belt is specifically designed for running, hiking, cycling and climbing. It holds two 9oz water bottles, which are sold with it. The belt has a pocket that will hold your credit card and ID as well as other pockets that will hold your cell phone in place. It will even fit all types of smart phones even an iPhone 6+.

The separate inner pockets and snap ring prevent your phone from getting scratches.
The zipper at the top of the belt makes it a lot easier to easily remove your valuables without having to take a break from running. The best thing about these pockets is that they are water resistant and even if you sweat, no liquid will get to your valuable items.

Most reviewers have given the belt 5 stars because it delivers what it promises. The belt has some little beads at the back to prevent it from bouncing, slipping or even rubbing your skin. It has reflectors for maximum safety when running/training during the night or in foggy weather. It has a snug fit as the inner layers of anti slip ensure there is no rubbing or chaffing as you run. This belt will fit most waists from 28 inches to 38 inches very comfortably. The easy to adjust nylon straps and sturdy buckle clip will come in handy when wearing the hydration belt.

Reviewers all agree that this is one belt that stays true to its promise. The material used in making the belt is soft and comfortable. You simply won’t suffer from any chaffing. The easy o reach headphone port lets you enjoy your favorite music as your run, hike or cycle.
Overall, the OutdoorsmanLab Hydration Belt seems to be a great belt for runners according to most reviews. The bottles are a perfect size and will hydrate a runner properly even when doing long runs. The high visibility reflectors provide maximum comfort when hiking in the early mornings.

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Keeping hydrated is essential during any physical exercise or training. Do not resort to some weird extremes of hiding water bottles on your exercise route as they may be confused for trash and thrown away. Furthermore, there is always the risk of your water getting contaminated by malicious people. Get yourself the OutdoorsmanLab Hydration Belt as it’s the best solution for all your running/training needs. This hydration belt will help you drink enough and save you precious time especially during competitions.

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