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How To Get Rid Of Moles On Skin

Moles, also known as melanocytic nevi appear in black, brown or flesh colored patches on the skin. Most of them are often non-cancerous and will occur anywhere in the human body. They may appear in clusters or alone. Melanocytes are the cells that are responsible for producing pigment in human bodies and thus over active melanocytes in the body will cause mole formation. Factors such as genetics, exposure to the sun, unbalanced diet and hormonal fluctuations normally affect the appearance of moles. The texture of moles will differ from person to person. Some may be smooth, while others may be coarse when touched. They may appear flat on the body, while other times, will appear raised. Others even have hair growing inside, while others don’t!

Although some moles will fade away with age, others will not and may require you to put some effort so as to remove them. However, before you begin the process of removing them, ensure you inspect them for any abnormal traits such as asymmetry of the border, the color or the diameter.

If you realize that the mole may be changing color or shape before you have even started any treatment, see your dermatologist. The doctor will be able to examine it and rule out any possibilities of it being cancerous. Never try to treat a cancerous mole on your own.

Types of moles

Moles may appear similar to the untrained eye, but on a keen inspection, you will be able to see the differences between different types of moles. Some of them include:
Compound melanocytic naevi: They stick out from the skin and are light brown in color. They may have some hair growing from within.
Dermal melanocytic naevi: They bulge out from the skin and have a pale color. Sometimes, they may have some hair.
Junctional melanocytic naevi: They are positioned flat against the skin, are round and usually have a black hue.

How To Get Rid Of Moles On Skin

Apple Cider Vinegar

apple cider vinegar

This is a powerful natural acid that helps in getting rid of moles by burning them slowly. This eventually causes it to heal and fall off. Apple cider vinegar contains antibacterial properties thus; it will protect the area with the moles from further infections during the treatment process.

Before you can settle for this type of treatment, test whether you are allergic to ACV. To establish that, simply take a small bit of undiluted ACV and just put it on any part of your body that’s not affected. It will sting for a while, but after a few seconds, it should be normal. If the sting persists, then you may be allergic to ACV and you will need to try a different form of treatment.

If your skin can tolerate this form of treatment, there are different methods you can use ACV to treat moles in skin:
• Wet a cotton ball with ACV and press it against the area that’s affected. Firmly hold it in place with medical tape. Wait for an hour and then remove it. Repeat this once everyday day and you will eventually get rid of your moles in 10 days or even less.
• For a more effective treatment, you can use an emery board to slowly scrape the mole. Apply apple cider vinegar to the area until it turns white and then let it dry on its own. This will allow you to burn the mole much faster.
Be careful so that you do not ingest undiluted ACV. To get the best results, you can use organic ACV.


Garlic is packed with enzymes that assist in breaking down of cell clusters that produce moles. It also contains extra properties of making the dark pigmentation in moles lighter.

• Petroleum jelly
• 1-2 Garlic cloves
• Bandage
• Masking tape

What to do

Apply a thin layer of the petroleum jelly on the mole or use a masking tape so as to prevent direct contact of the skin and garlic as this can cause a burning sensation. Crush the garlic cloves to a thick paste. Apply the paste on the mole and then cover it with the bandage. Allow it to remain that way for about 5 hours and then slowly remove the bandage. Ensure you also remove the masking tape if you have used it so that the skin can breathe. Repeat the process everyday for a maximum of 5 days. Make sure you disinfect the area with rubbing alcohol before the next application. If you use this method at night, remove the masking tape before you go to bed.

Sour Apple Juice

sour apple juice

Are you unable to stand the potency of apple cider vinegar? Don’t worry there’s sour apple juice. You can use the juice of sour apples instead of ACV. The juices of the sour apples help in dissolving the mole. However, this method may be slow when compared with ACV, but it still works perfectly.

• 2 to 3 Sour cooking apples
• Cotton ball
• Bandage
What to do
Crush your apples and extract as much juice as you possibly can. Wet a cotton ball with the sour apple juice. Apply the wet cotton ball on your moles and secure with a bandage. Leave it for several hours then remove the bandage later. Repeat the process 3 to 4 times every day. You may have to repeat this for about 4 weeks maximum.

Tea Tree Oil

tea tree oil

Tea tree oil works perfectly for raised moles that have a superficial root. Tea tree oil contains antibacterial properties which will prevent secondary infections during the treatment period. And similar to ACV, there are those people who cannot tolerate tea tree oil. To establish whether you are allergic to this form of treatment, apply tea tree oil to a small fraction of the affected part of your skin to see how your skin will react to the treatment. If there is a small sting that fades away after some seconds, then this treatment will work for you. However, if there a lingering burning sensation, then you could be allergic and you should look for another treatment option.

Here’s how tea tree oil can help in treating moles:
• Soak a Q-tip in tea tree oil and brush it on the mole with gentle strokes
• Cover the area with an adhesive bandage for an hour
Do this twice every day for a whole month. The best time to use this remedy is before going to bed. Do not swallow tea tree oil as it may be harmful.

Banana Peels

banana peel

Banana peels are an effective treatment for moles. All you have to do is simply cut a banana peel and put it on the mole. The yellow part of the peel should be facing towards the outside. Hold it in place with adhesive bandages and leave it on for an hour. Repeat the process everyday to completely eliminate moles within a few weeks. Always use the peel of ripe bananas.

In most circumstances, a mole is simply that: a mole. However, it may develop over a period of time and turn into a type of skin cancer. Use the above home remedies to get rid of moles on skin effectively.

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