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No No Pro reviews

To cater the needs of individuals who are constantly battling with shaving scars like bloody cuts and ingrown hair, there are many hair removal products available in the market today. One such product that has been around for years is No! No! Pro. But, not all products that are introduced can be trusted blindly. To be confident about buying and using a product, it is important that you look for reviews, especially if you are going to invest quite a lot of money on the item. So to help you decide about whether or not to consider No! No! Pro as your hair removal system, here we provide to you a complete review of the product.

What exactly is No! No! Pro?

no no proNo! No! Pro is basically a personal hair removal device that claims to completely remove unwanted hair from your body. The device promises to remove hair virtually from any part of your body, and is designed for use by both men and women. Available in the market for over ten years now, this device has gone through many changes; however, its basic concept still remains the same.

There has been quite some demand for No! No! Pro, with more than four million units sold all across the world. With such evidence, it is natural for people to start believing in a product before actually trying it. The reason behind such demand can also be because of the other hair removal alternatives, like waxing, laser, shaving, etc., most of which are extremely painful. The product has also been featured in a lot of popular magazines and TV shows, such as Elle, Vogue, Allure, The Dr. Oz Show, Marie Claire, The Today Show, and more.

How does it work?

Unlike many other home hair removal devices, the No! No! Pro makes use of a unique thermodynamic system called the Pulsed Thermicon technology that is designed to apply gentle heat pulses to easily loosen hair from follicles. It is claimed that this technology is specifically introduced to alleviate pains and also to provide results that last longer than other hair removal methods. Though the product is advertised to be used on all body parts, we recommend avoiding using it on or near genitals.

The device functions similar to an electric razor; but the blade is replaced by a thermodynamic wire. There are different safety mechanisms inbuilt in the device, which make possible effective and safe hair removal, delivering professional results. As you move the device smoothly across your skin, the Thermicon tip gets in contact with your hair, gets heated up, and emits the required amount of energy to remove hair right from its follicle. The heat emitted by the device is known to be gentle enough to not damage your skin but at the same time effective enough to remove the follicles.

Even though you will be able to see that the No! No! Pro hair removal device instantly makes your skin hair-free, you will be required to use it for several times before seeing long lasting results. The company does not promise permanent hair removal immediately after one use. What you can practically expect from this product is that, the hair that grows back after several uses of the device will be meager and finer, and gradually there can be permanent reduction of hair. The device is charged by built-in batteries, but can also be refilled with an electric charger. The LCD display on the handheld makes it easy for you to make sure that you are using it the right way.

Like any other product, the No! No! Pro handheld personal hair removal system also has its set of benefits and downfalls. If you are confused about whether or not to buy this product, you shouldn’t miss this section.


  • Compact and easy to use: The handheld device is small, compact, and hence can be carried around easily. It is also extremely easy to use and requires no sloppy procedures.
  • Painless: Unlike traditional shaving tools like razor blades that can cut your skin, the No! No! Pro is a lot more painless. However, your skin is likely to turn red due to the thermicon effect; but this is known to fade out within hours.
  • Long lasting results: As mentioned earlier, with regular use, the device is known to leave behind long lasting results.
  • Appropriate for all skin types: Without regard to your skin type and complexion, this device is safe to be used by everyone.


  • Unpleasant smell: Customers who tried the device have reported to have experienced an unpleasant smell of burned hair when using it on their skin. Even though this is because of the hair follicles being singed, a product that is specifically designed for removing hair should not be causing such no pro colors
  • Takes too much time: The device takes quite a lot of time to remove hair during first use. People report to have spent between 25 and 45 minutes for shaving their hands or legs alone. Also, permanent results will surely take longer. Therefore, if you are low on patience, you are likely to get frustrated with the time frame.
  • Not effective on rough hair: While the device works fairly well on fine hair, it is quite difficult to make it work on rough hair.

If you can overlook the few downfalls of the product and choose to use it as your easy hair removal system, you can buy it online from different sources. Available in three colors: PRO Pink, PRO Blue and PRO Platinum, the product is priced in the range of $290 to $310, based on the color you choose.

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